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Four Video Lessons On-Demand Access Bonus Study Guide

In this parenting conference, pastor and award-winning author Dr. Paul David Tripp will reveal the four principles that every mom and dad needs to follow when raising children in a Christian home. Your Streaming License includes a Bonus Study Guide loaded with discussion questions, to help you practically apply the lessons to each of your kids.

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Learn How To Build A Firm Foundation

In this on-demand conference, you'll receive four video lessons from award-winning parenting author Dr. Paul David Tripp:

Lesson 1

Your children need help, and you are on site as God's first responders. Learn how to help your kids with mercy - the same mercy that God has shown you.

Lesson 2

Your children behave poorly because they are lost and in need of direction. Discover how to give them a roadmap for godliness and point them toward Jesus.

Lesson 3

Your children not only need protection from the outside world but from their own foolishness. Learn how to address correct their foolish thoughts and actions.

Lesson 4

Parenting is a process and not an event. Discover how to have conversations and interactions with your children in a way that trusts God's long-term process of change.

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Meet The Speaker

Dr. Paul David Tripp is a pastor, speaker, international speaker, and best-selling author. With more than 20 books on Christian living, including the award-winning Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family, Paul’s driving passion is to connect the transforming power of Jesus Christ to everyday life. Paul and his wife Luella live in Philadelphia; they have four grown children and two granddaughters.


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Preview Dr. Tripp's teaching outline and use these Bonus Discussion Questions for each of the four lessons as you watch. Foundations Of A Godly Home will be a perfect resource for your family, small group, Sunday school class or church-wide event!


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The entire conference is 5 hours long, which includes worship and bonus content, but you have the option of using the Video Index to skip ahead to the teaching sessions only.

Paul's four teaching sessions are:

Session 1 - 47:47

Session 2 - 48:03

Session 3 - 50:16

Session 4- 50:16

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Yes! The teaching lessons from Foundations of a Godly Home are available to view with both English and Spanish closed-captions. Paul teaches in English - the conference is not dubbed into any other language - but you can toggle closed-captions on or off in both English and Spanish!

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